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Details from today’s post. Sea holly might be my new favorite thing. Tuff pretty. 


5/24/14 plant collection & observations

(via cedarmoons)


spider camouflaged among achillea flowers on Flickr.
Floral Tapestry Boots from ultravioletvintage

These fore-edge paintings can be found on some of the books from one of the first lending libraries of Estonia, founded by some peasants in 1872 who apparently couldn’t even spell properly (in their statutes, they proudly announce the founding of the “liprary”) but on the other hand surely knew how to decorate their beloved and precious books.
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keeping this for myself if someone doesn’t buy it

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As children we’re taught the process of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, and the story normally goes along the lines of a hungry caterpillar eats and eats until it can eat no longer, then it hangs upside down and forms a chrysalis, from which a beautiful butterfly emerges.
But what actually happens inside the cocoon?
It’s actually quite surprising, the caterpillar does not merely change its body a bit and grow wings, no… It dissolves. Almost entirely. The caterpillar excretes an enzyme which decomposes all the tissues and fibres into basic organic material, leaving only a few ‘cell disks.’
These cell disks comprise all the different types of cells in an adult butterfly - its eyes, legs, wings, etc. The caterpillar is actually born with them but they just remain dormant until metamorphosis. 
Once all the caterpillars cells have been decomposed the adult cell disks then start to grow, using the organic materials left over, eventually forming the butterfly that emerges a few days later.

Magdalena Frackowiak | ALEXANDER MCQUEEN SS 2009 (PFW)

bienenkiste | Photographed by Jasper Abels for Prestage S/S 2014

A french twist with my Elemental Child Nuit crown.



Embroidered Leaves by Hillary Fayle. (photos: Natalie Hofert)

Lustiktwitter | pinterest | etsy

Went to high school with Hilary. Awesome human being!


Weapon, 2013, Liv Thurley, Underwear, Pins
The piece is titled ‘Weapon’ as one day I overheard a conversation between a group of boys discussing pubic hair on girls. One of them exclaimed that he would never sleep with a girl who has hair down below, inspiring the brutal title and use of materials (pins, underwear).

Sea Shell Spoons DIY via Sweet Paul